2010-11-16: iPad App Design

Native iPad App

The software-end of KType will be a native iOS4+/iPad application and will eventually be available on the Apple AppStore. I had originally planned on making KType using a different toolkit but for numerous reasons (performance, connectivity, stability), decided to purchase a Mac Mini and code in Objective-C using XCode. So far, the learning experience has been wonderful. I am learning primarily from the Stanford University: CS193P video lectures available freely on iTunes U. Hopefully in a few months, I will be well-versed in Obj-C.


The KType iPad app has five main tabs:

  1. User: The same iPad could be used and customized for different users e.g. at a school or a nursing home. Each user's settings will be stored forever and eventually there will be a way to backup/restore these settings on to the same or other iPads. Switching from one user's settings to another will be instant and easy.
  2. Games: The KType Games are really small, fun tests that measure each end-user's skills in various activities. Instead of making users play complex games that require a combination of dexterity, quick reaction-time, and hand-eye coordination, KType Games will be designed to require just one of these variables. That way it will be relatively easy to measure an end-user's reaction-time or ability to do basic arithmetic.
  3. Keyboard: Based on the measurements from the various tests, users will be provided with a customizable data input screen that best works for them. The input screen will enable the user to type words/phrases, send short emails, text messages, post on Twitter, and their own blogs.
  4. Settings: KType will store each user's common words, keyboard layout, audio settings etc. There will be an easy way to customize KType using the Settings feature.
  5. About: Provide basic information about the KType project, goals, and wiki. Also credit everyone whose content I use to make KType possible.


Tab: User

KType will have a “Default User” initally and more users can be added/edited as time goes on.

Tab: Games

Clicking on a game name on the left will show detailed information and screenshots on the right. Additionally, the user's past scores and skill measurements will be shown for each game.

Tab: Keyboard

Pay no attention to the potential keyboard-types listed. This will all change as I have more feedback and actual measurements from real users.

Tab: Settings

I'm certain by the time I'm done, this screen will be completely different.

Tab: About

I will probably make this page prettier. I might make it load content/news from this wiki if an Internet Connection is available.

Full Screen View

This blank screen will eventually be the center of data input for all KType users. It is designed with absolutely no menus, buttons, or options that the user can click or touch by mistake. This screen will have user-customized keyboard layout, game screens, and text options and nothing else. You need to enter a special, complex gesture to get out of this screen, meaning the end-user will be able to click, touch, press all day without the fear of resetting the device.

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