2011-02-09: Analyzing how people talk on Twitter

Predicting what people type

The primary goal of the KType project is to improve communication for people with disabilities. Typing long words and sentences can be very difficult for such users and the best way to reduce the discomfort is to predict what they want to type based on just a few keystrokes. Chances are that a user who starts to type “goo” wants to say “good morning” or “good bye”. Search engines like Google do a great job at showing possible search phrases with just a few letters. Google Scribe is another good example of predictive typing.

Why Twitter

Since the users of the KType iPad app could be offline for long periods, the predictive typing feature cannot rely on any web service. Once I knew I had to build my own auto-complete suggestion database, I started to look for large text datasets. Project Gutenberg makes tens of thousands of books available but normal people don't talk like that. For the same reason, I can't use text from Wikipedia, news articles, or even personal blogs. Where do people type normally? In personal emails, instant messages, text/sms messages, and luckily for me, Twitter. I came across a rich dataset with over 9 million tweets by Infolab via reddit and immediately started data crunching.


Predicting what word or phrase a user is trying to type depends on the text they have already typed. The phrase “you for” could be “you for the” if it was preceded by “thank”, otherwise it could be “you forgot my” or “you forgot to”. The simplest way to guess what word or phrase comes next would be to analyze the 9 million short sentences written by over a hundred thousand people and count all the 2-3-4 word phrases they use and how often. These phrases are called n-grams where 'n' is the number of words in the phrase. N-grams are relatively easy to generate from plain-text and I extracted 1-grams (or single words) in my US Presidential Tag-Cloud project a few years ago. For KType's prediction algorithm, I think 1-4-grams would be sufficient.

Parsing the data

Each line of the Infolab tweet data that I obtained contained a unique ID for each user, a unique ID for each tweet, the tweet text, and the time it was posted. For my purposes, I only needed the user's ID and tweet text. To keep things simple for KType users, I limited the n-grams to lowercase alphabets only: a-z. So there are no punctuation marks, quotes, capital letters, numbers, URLs, emoticons/smileys, or special characters. For my purposes, that is more than sufficient. If you want a more thorough n-gram list, you can check out Google Books Ngram Viewer dataset.

Initially, I only looked at the raw tweet text and created my 1-4-gram tables based solely on how many times a word or phrase was used. Naturally, words like 'the', 'of', 'in' showed up on the top but surprisingly words like 'gangsta' and 'apache' also featured quite high. Digging in, I found that some users were typing the latter phrases way too many times, possibly band names or song lyrics. That's why I started looking at the user's ID to limit the effect a single user could have on the weight of a given word or phrase.

Calculating the weight

After playing with a sample of 25,000 tweets, I ended up with a simple formula that appeared to work well in ensuring that common words and phrases rank high and the few users who repeated their own company, band, or product names too many times couldn't skew the results drastically.

N-gram score = (101 points when a user first mentions an n-gram) + (1 point for each additional time they mention it, up to 98 times).

Example n-gram: 'I love'

User 1 says "I love puppies"                     101 points (1st time for User 1)
User 1 says "Also I love kitties"                  1 point  (2nd time for User 1)
User 2 says "But I love to sleep all day"        101 points (1st time for User 2)
User 1 says "What I love the most is pie"          1 point  (3rd time for User 1)
Total score for 'I love'                         204 points (2 users, 4 mentions)

If any user mentions 'I love' more than 99 times, it will not add any points beyond the first 101 + 98 = 199 points. This means a phrase said by two users just once will always have a higher score than a phrase said 1000 times by a single user. However, it is possible that five people can say a phrase 50 times each (150 * 5 = 750) and that is higher than seven people saying it seven times each.

Running the code

As a learning experience, I wrote the entire code for this project in Python. The code itself is pretty inefficient and creates huge in-memory arrays. Though I had no problems running the script on 25,000 sample tweets on my laptop, it caused memory errors when I ran it on the 9 million tweets. While it would have been interesting to reprogram the script to use a database instead of arrays, to save my time and energy I just launched an Amazon EC2 instance with 64GB of RAM and ran the program there. Total cost: $2. Absolutely worth it.

Download the code + full n-gram list

Download: ktype-twitter-ngrams.zip (30 mb).

The file contains sample tweet data, the original Python script I used, and the complete 1-2-3-4-gram lists I generated. It does not contain the entire 9 million tweet dataset. I had to prep the Infolab dataset by removing any newline characters within tweets and sorting the entire file by the user ID. So if you download the original source files I used, you will have to do the same before the above Python script can be run.

Twitter n-gram results

The following graph plots the calculated weight for the 1000 most popular 1-4 word phrases I found in the 9 million tweets I analyzed. The weight is based on the frequency and popularity of the phrase and is calculated using the n-gram formula mentioned above.

The following table shows the 1000 most popular 1-4 word phrases within the 9 million tweets I analyzed. The associated weight is based on the frequency and popularity of the phrase and is calculated using the n-gram formula mentioned above. I have also included an unedited/uncensored list of top 1000 non-dictionary words used in the tweets. The associated weight is calculated from the n-gram weight for each occurrence of the non-dictionary word in the 4 n-gram lists.

1-grams 2-grams 3-grams 4-grams Non-dictionary words
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put2012880in this1013938you dont have288492ill let you know78760wordpress485110
read2008931we can1007264be in the288346would you like to78693awwww483022
play2008014to know1006987going to bed288033i cant believe i78361palin479133
looks2005350forward to1003187for a while287736i dont think so78336macbook475110
lets1991702to come1003119for the next287543be one of the78257fl472194
trying1987340my life1003025i just saw286728you have a great78211hav472127
miss1978766be in999701to get some286668looking forward to seeing78181callin469102
must1976347i did992048just woke up286597thanks for the rts78114womens466760
wish1974833am i988785new blog post284116now its time to77786ull465943
makes1973818make a987782i think the282981its been a long77666kevin465470
also1972302such a987033to figure out281217the name of the77662ceo465004
making1970480was the984267i got the281083check out my new77646feb460091
party1969767im so983803going to get281001but i have to77529lebron460056
post1968556ive been982007a great time280860to take care of77142jeff458461
already1962509and im981747i dont care280684the way to the77107ebay454542
thought1962246do i981180i get a280484a great way to77098thurs453010
ok1957671back in978540a chance to280082i have a feeling76949miley451086
hard1946041to hear977539i need some279945i thought you were76944homies450217
top1945648about it977533i miss you279553i just saw a76339wouldve449886
blog1924611on this976599it is a279482thank you for your76251droid448181
amazing1902293all day973057i am going278715to be on the75996promo447338
www1898614i see972394supposed to be278586just woke up from75814shouldve447046
maybe1888094look at967377to get it277185i have to do75456tt444914
money1886874and then967174i thought it276317shout out to my75374hoo444411
job1880583i should963259have no idea276055i need to find75336dey442620
talk1879256to all962125im in the274836rest of the day75330hahah442448
girl1876197it up960002happy birthday to274313to take a nap75104thang442426
guys1875420good morning955717dont have a274214the only one that75079someones440175
via1868836having a954552i think it273629about to go to75006jan438104
through1865486a big953984of my favorite273407had a good time74851obamas435215
sleep1864152but im949366in my head272621im going to bed74597bk434733
years1862950some of948821but i think270264in the mood for74453ps434137
few1858709happy birthday948363not going to269903if you dont have74195fyi433817
finally1851087up the945914the middle of269304to catch up on73893aight430404
hate1843677i miss943785in a while268760my way to work73674ap429771
hear1840969so far943256whats going on268645im going to have73642podcast427415
lot1839486can be941640i would have266028i was about to73629nc426344
might1836823up in940591so much for265915i think its time73612mic418696
doesnt1832850a day940032as soon as265748as long as you73567wut418632
hot1824810kind of938113listening to the265677time for me to73528niggaz416903
which1823503too much936745going to see264849wait to see the73488twibbon416398
sorry1819975of you936080a good time264771to figure out how73366blogging405902
early1818099off the934272a fan of264581you know what i73295dvr401645
movie1797216like it932723what the hell264509i look forward to73178linkedin399366
own1791587and it929767i got my264148got a lot of73098lifes399348
food1789674that you929292are you doing263037i think i am73013tweetdeck397573
saw1786056love you927486so we can262901i hate it when72995hittin395161
end1778513im in926066but i have261587i know i know72847mario394179
facebook1776025part of923286im not sure260956im in love with72842cnt392726
funny1756602a long922955just had a260615i had no idea72704frm392477
though1754467with me922372i hate when260457im looking forward to72698pt392460
times1743018it in919508check out our260388where the wild things72678hmmmm392202
place1742902know how917377did you know260153if i had a72676er392127
stuff1740995like that915760in the house260121this is gonna be72530fi387214
family1740911tell me913290can i get259413how i feel about72502leno386353
haha1737726just a909527did you get259232so far so good72075bff383012
head1733226me i907219about to go259160its been a while71713hehe381162
song1726762that the906758im not a258565and i have to71577woulda380618
left1718035there are906067am going to258374a lot of fun71200duh379706
went1716425you and905801what kind of257935me so i can70754kate379523
hit1716423for all904526up on the257343the wild things are70748nbc378351
found1705208with you902742back to work257216looking forward to a70704gunna377451
god1699540gonna be902374to get out256869are you talking about70579mmmm375623
http1697771it on899571dont forget to256694i had a dream70398ep372719
friend1694479working on899122have to get256549thank you very much70224te372087
business1694335at work898871i wanna go256314feel the same way70176sean370808
since1680754better than896127me and my255992this is what i70048ck370764
phone1675775can i895757the fact that255879you want me to69981djs369735
crazy1671534the other892047i woke up255852thanks to everyone who69868eric369613
name1667742you guys891952i dont wanna255808dont know if i69854kool369526
nothing1666690watching the890530of all time255662you have to be69849ohh367667
says1663571but it890226are you going255119to go home and69818td364326
actually1657846as well888059be on the254576in the u s69595gt362700
online1657314and you884954i know you254070shut the fuck up69472grammys362348
seen1655627and my883131i know its254010i have to work69427shitty360610
true1649989what the882034where are you253075to the next one69192skool359590
hes1649128from a881820i should be252879you are going to69176fo358138
hours1648478lol i881206you going to252866wish i could be69060wth356684
high1646694for this880473take care of252715dont give a fuck68957ohhh356371
part1646579he is877651look like a252484so i can go68945ihop356173
shit1646423for some877175why is it252426when i get back68694xoxo354350
buy1646328over the872545by the way252175i was the only68656theyve352711
tv1642693thanks to872255to check out251968want to be a68544soooooo352686
guy1638801my favorite868362but i cant251948for a few days68532eatin352478
damn1633888the end867909to talk to251651on the way home68393tweetin351955
mean1620530you do867286it looks like251276i hate when people68321lmaoo351218
until1615219of it865288feel like i250071how are you doing68174wal350867
bed1612961lots of864482i just want249939i feel bad for68133cyrus349663
everything1611762its the862904this is my249646for the shout out68064eff349636
kids1611627but the859571i go to249338it will be a68027gmail346354
guess1609829come to859550reminds me of249021soon as i get67967gm345849
baby1608690and its859256all of the248428im not the only67925vmas345762
open1597547waiting for858395is about to248370for the love of67881rollin345061
book1595382of course856513was going to248248i feel the same67755trippin342646
ur1593248if u855032get ready for247829but i dont think67610webinar342186
gotta1591407a bit854388you for the247772chance to win a67607cyber340396
city1591082on it853174what is the247312im going to the67228puttin339213
full1583677to help852731to go home247061just got out of67190diff338635
id1577998not to852326for a few246645up in the morning66944ninja337576
stay1576268but its851915way to the246413for the heads up66925wrk336941
change1574544can you851849on the phone246288would love to see66819bruh334191
anything1571779he was849593a good one245412thanks for the shout66712runnin333832
believe1564788all my848574on the road244776the only way to66700ross332682
glad1563579it will847967thought i was244651need to get a66506steelers330734
ya1558148try to847934had a good244440wont be able to66502tinychat330308
playing1552513i still847727was a good241658you need to know66479le328550
gets1550016and get847282and i am241521you so much for66455urs328095
car1546509wants to847206it in the241183to be a great66385lmaooo328020
favorite1546097the game846582you can do240799i love that song66271hw327422
black1545211be on845892right now i240770just got off the66156nicki326965
team1543876into the845562it to the240622just in time for66119tru326111
myself1543368me up842663know what you240596i want to get66118jacksons325351
run1537740not the841756to see it240419to go to a66115diddy323499
wont1537679able to839911be sure to239953just let me know66070drinkin322947
late1532813out there839273to go back238949i was trying to65989cavs321460
care1523506to sleep837715off to the238581hope you had a65978eva321449
set1523242got the835294i know im238387in case you missed65734fm320847
theres1514138this year834543to find a238139for some reason i65615bak320207
havent1512803it i833883to all my237949what is going on65457wifi320100
far1512559makes me832147get back to237660was one of the65385askin320043
almost1512275at all829223how to get237462what do you do65144dammit317733
excited1503576went to829138will be in237442bout to go to65035michelle317175
heard1503058what do826135what it is236029think i need to64906wi317163
wanna1502071to bed825366if i was235885to be one of64788tooo316826
thinking1501882i havent825150this is what235768i will be there64635hangin316688
hell1500208going on825061for the weekend235632its a beautiful day64605jamie316416
birthday1491198looking forward823347why do i235488and i have a64585boi316413
else1485971how much822539i can see235008what to do with64570dms315812
remember1482376getting ready820189give me a234784make it to the64496tcot315593
season1478919next week819738what happened to234776in a good way64387knicks315508
beautiful1478062used to818648if you can234226get out of bed64199minaj314954
needs1475501is this815767to listen to233699i had a great63994monica314763
word1473426listen to815618for some reason233354i will be in63914websites313099
isnt1466246love to814237in the car233315if you dont know63886az312092
both1462706of this814201thats why i233066i love you too63714listenin311667
list1459853you for813757going to have233001i think it was63656ahhhh311402
site1458172what are810767in the same232886was supposed to be63571cbs310546
person1456962can get809444want to get232823how have you been63529alex310042
send1454280can do808774that i have232495quote of the day63471qb309677
eat1454098you were806791look at the232443get a chance to63438jonas309049
hour1451857got to804142how to make232257i have a lot63373walkin307857
taking1449481out for803782what you think232256when i was a63368howard307260
dinner1447881for that801771just found out231692to get to the63356ustream305206
enough1445023talking about796765make sure you231500in a good mood63239maam304384
sounds1436698as i795618is such a231019wish i was in63096blu302247
sunday1433505me know794322me in the230981keep up the good62891ron301617
class1432078at my794286r i p230208all over the place62860gf299982
feeling1430410to play790797when it comes230089not looking forward to62796wana299445
mind1429503i wanna790750would be a229639i love me some62728wud298793
without1426701know i789662to find out228768the hell out of62496usc298191
listening1421181my way788109a way to228429the first time i62475britney297089
lost1414572end of786626i think you228255nothing to do with62465missin296761
used1410948day of785799of the world227759at the top of62455finna295853
waiting1410567no one784919has to be227162go to the gym62416phil295122
ask1410234not sure784165way to go227158in a few hours62392wknd294734
ass1405719the one783780learn how to227028i need to start62366gurl294428
wrong1402466dont want783486a little bit226461im about to go62253gimme293774
story1396714you a783045feel like a226419what im talking about61891sho293139
such1395701get my782894should be a226159be a part of61800atleast293087
fall1381981time i782018im on my225866need to get my61782ftw291544
monday1373883we need778139you know that225331to check out the61663livin290760
called1373732dont think777466to get up224500got off the phone61609cha290525
tweets1372778hope you776431here i come224198all i need is61599uber290398
idea1368766on that776133in a row224125no such thing as61559hs288196
face1368524like i775045just want to224069dont want to go61523goodmorning287331
talking1367104from my774538a long day223543i got a new61503ufc286952
bit1366689of all774533and it was223265i dont care what61480beatcancer286191
sweet1363740i saw769422up for the222796one of my fav61440sumthin285710
support1356681good luck767075if you need222267going to be the60958snuggie284298
rock1348578me too766235its time for221676should be able to60940fuk284050
least1340535you will762689wait for the221530most of the time60840hatin283538
saturday1338347thats a762369for you to221326going to have a60759gangsta282770
goes1329305you in761691time for a220719how much i love60560rsvp282388
room1328341needs to760941i would love219660woke up from a60497clinton282197
tired1327581to win760150the other day219545i just had a60356nike280890
bring1323712wanted to759360just got back219460need to find a60342op279636
red1319628who is755554of the most218754find a way to60254netflix279507
white1318999out my755363last night i218640joined a video chat60233nxt278520
using1317004you like755018to work on218584just joined a video60232snl278188
under1314229for it754387for the ff218364im gonna have to60185hahahahaha277157
whole1313852you cant754009im bout to218198i need to stop59966phillies276445
once1307233got my753722i miss my218002dancing with the stars59916woohoo275405
la1306006first time751918the only thing217992i hate when i59781effin275312
fan1302706could be750929wait to get217234on the phone with59779tgif273585
meet1296363look like748517want to know217088i just wanted to59757wifey272950
later1294472have no748245there was a217051a little bit of59755cds272666
enjoy1292292been a747228waiting for the216802we need to get59744mos271881
came1291442all i744025to do a216369gonna be a long59721dmv271317
yesterday1289432to keep743308out to the216173if you are a59650oooh271265
line1289278do not743247is there a215967i will have to59598gud270828
welcome1288601of our741801to get back215952i can say is59560gop270682
lunch1287588at home741365and i will215944get out of the59441xd270293
boy1285649how i741331me know if215729i used to be59439texted269352
forward1281442wait for738518to pick up215671all i have to59362bestie268136
wants1281138http www736065used to be215184i dont have any59237childrens268003
took1273428the whole733804i like to214567i want you to59190followin267672
office1266630like this732735are the best214432i think i may59170yesss266578
girls1263024must be731522to the gym213904but i dont know59118couldve265543
kind1261763sounds like731514a good thing213785am i going to59048favre264926
month1257309it all730517just got home213472it was a great59022por264492
omg1254392me on730058you know i213398for those of you58922andy264446
interesting1251249good to729910it on the213368going to be in58856blogspot264278
started1250513know that727576a few days213342what can i say58847ing261394
join1249389i mean727298but it was213334to hang out with58835mayer261038
leave1246439woke up725405want to do213301all the way to58717favorited260650
social1244659make me725343i see you213081i have a new58634kickin260179
heart1244052yes i725286feel like im212859had a great day58564ta259759
sick1241508im gonna725237but i am212576im going to get58553yikes258538
learn1240465so many723404i havent been212272shout out to the58535movin258048
half1238517now im723397if i had211763know what it is58440ooo256984
super1232435life is723027look forward to211098the fact that i58431mlm256954
weeks1229535just saw718906just saw a211068to figure out what58427fa256439
told1227814was just718683up with the210767and i love it58333boyz256136
page1221652with your716104want me to210614i need a drink58310ds255181
special1215330be there715244on the radio210538not in the mood58284blogger254515
link1213568come on715132you in the210462in need of a58245reggie254480
google1212099thats what713518out in the210402on the other side58214playlist254117
store1210302if youre712782needs to be210276wish i could go58106shawty254027
email1208717new york711733but im not210162empire state of mind58089nooo253650
state1207108me in711678you so much209833to be a long58074barack253565
missed1205719why is711526not a good209658and the rest of58026lou253474
starting1201959to give711102to get in208679i miss you too58019ty253448
reading1200176the house710978i would be208569the top of the57931shud252377
media1197476watch the710964to see my208419getting ready for a57922mayweather251998
break1195553the rest710922to see if208375ready to go home57832lisa251907
cold1194883is an710797went to the208137hour and a half57751becuz251843
together1193268today is710483i would like207825a big fan of57623meds250705
ago1193226to eat709897the last time207750call it a night57531photoshop250104
comes1190914how many708511in the air207510i went to the57505itd250031
dude1186610how do707675i do not207453im trying to get57455ipad250000
probably1186139make sure706830for the night207447i need to see57424pittsburgh249982
cause1185130to use706728now i have207436nice to meet you57362ths248601
pay1181261im just706699and i are207246favorited a youtube video57361brett248552
congrats1174786it and705656how do i206362i favorited a youtube57361theyd246995
mom1173750a couple705551i hope i206333its time to get57339bieber246481
easy1170894find out705021we have to206009please let me know57246wendy246410
drive1169437why i704754i want some205454i think i will57237tu246122
listen1168261are a704549about to get205419talk like a pirate57145pete246050
shes1165263is now704481to see what205206i didnt have to57114iight245929
sad1163403on facebook703871to hit the205143for a long time57092jeezy245238
fuck1158359im on702517id like to204857early in the morning57027conan245220
plan1151071the show700752you can get204764up the good work57024jessica245129
less1151014did i700195for a new204506thanks for the love56999vday244882
deal1150143out on699368to get on204467thanks for the support56996hed243770
hair1149002why do699365i got it204343will be in the56949monique243600
club1148690get some698174i got to204286if you dont like56931fil243309
turn1147630i never697637do you want203983one of the greatest56730imattractedto242793
info1146727if it697382the best of203691hope everyone has a56685cudi240997
point1146656it a697292can do it203480this is the best56676coulda240995
move1144876out and696179most of the203178if i can get56593keepin240345
beat1144003dont get694438of the night203163i dont know about56496rachel239285
minutes1142792might be692034make it to202541today is going to56486ot239069
forget1141500the morning691830i didnt get202328i get to see56464pst237849
yourself1138851of them690038its a good202285woke up this morning56431brotha237409
iphone1138219and now687899is the only202200i am not a56404vick237400
sign1134600it for687390to go out201906check out our new56285firefox237367
yo1132431they have686867i cant get201889i didnt even know56210bueno236791
following1131197a nice686320i am in201872story of my life56159mariah236700
followers1130347i said684358i hate the201688become a fan of56032carrie236348
wonder1126964a while682364the world is201553shout out to all56024bcuz236263
album1124075social media682010i like that201213in the back of55997ummmm234212
luck1123760do the680371trying to figure200907good to see you55931jennifer234047
ff1122652do that678840i know what200887do you think of55853thatll233024
theyre1121998as the673029will be the200540know what i mean55711appt232155
wanted1114637the right672184time to go200232i just need to55695yess232085
wasnt1114566was in671660to win a200058in the mood to55635di231808
lady1112308is good671452know what i200054like a pirate day55624ly231781
green1109781my head670567u have a199804check it out at55607inbox231340
worth1108317its been670539seems to be199728do i need to55603doo231334
add1108037up a669160have you been199427thanks for the heads55597tweetphoto230133
yall1106853may be668713i havent seen199246just found out that55593chillen229297
second1106393she is668529next to me198905you need to get55539chipotle227810
football1105230the year665062thank god for198895be a long day55539hulu227208
running1104987im still664877to wake up198861to get on the55530stfu226486
rest1104684you got664621and i cant198826i think it is55404laughin226179
men1103627of me664301in the city198673as long as i55282leavin225723
gone1102890today i663819dont know if198621i cant wait till55266mt225182
outside1101670see it663421come to the198235i may have to55110crackin224579
side1101533a bad662697i wanna see198233im bout to go55028bloggers224164
course1100509is to661705dont even know198120thought i was the55007cus223203
close1098843i go654647and i love198105in the world is54993latte222496
lmao1094282whats up653850how much i197613and let me know54885lopez222154
pick1090683would have653097the hell is197581i can get a54880hilton222009
pic1088287of those653046im ready to196952a long time ago54878celtics221397
dead1088127wake up652068u need to196604i look like a54785sheesh221319
aint1087222get your650943check this out196592way to start the54684brady220649
giving1087040this one650609have to say196466how do i get54595fone220490
vs1086623is just649653need to do196064wish i could have54566seein219913
power1085289i wonder648924i was like196041this is one of54564layin219867
event1078071is still647879i was there195657getting ready to head54562cookin219641
question1077639to it647738what a great195555it would be a54552eddie219259
meeting1077067coming to647090this is why195355pants on the ground54523startin219224
website1072535out with646825you will be195204i dont care if54477flickr219112
cute1068684i might646783it was the195065who wants to go54432eminem218783
hi1067415hard to644506you dont know194606im going to go54406megan218255
women1066632my friend643971i just dont194459this is a great54397url216602
weather1064482up at643882got a new194365you need to be54384nuthin215749
service1063579when the643770am i the194357thank you to all54096uve214906
reason1060916to put643544if i dont194183that was a good54087noooo214792
yay1060567i say642716i think we193423i can make it53976carey214667
future1059932should have642276it comes to193063what do you mean53880amy214387
perfect1059764but not642185let you know193022on my way back53799ricky212885
em1059527theres a641468get rid of192979i want to know53776favs212667
eating1056234we will641447all over the192714when i was in53765rehab212571
busy1055497my first640772why are you192565you have no idea53689googles212217
agree1055358instead of640623you know you192500are you ready for53596smfh211579
internet1055030to buy639756i really want192338this is the first53559bac211069
finished1054677the night639020i just had192296sounds like a plan53394gd210793
small1053986to this638169is the most192178in the first place53361enuff210614
seriously1053697at this636069got back from192101have you seen the53296petpeeve210064
either1052222is your636005know if you191821i wonder if i53167brandon209984
ha1051971know if635904i should have191784be a great day53039barnes209128
sometimes1051079it would635871i was thinking191494what the fuck is53029jammin208800
during1050280my phone635012im on the191352i have ever seen52995chelsea207749
between1050169a very634401you are the191146get ready for the52984les207286
shows1049880lets go633366the name of191028i have so much52982wnt207193
fast1046493want a632955bout to go190790was a good day52972stayin206385
mine1045839yeah i632608you should be190170if you have any52919penn206379
trip1045762love this630225on top of189976thinking the same thing52881sony206356
words1045597think im630134be a great189670i need to make52856geez205966
town1044255the top629872will be on189408do you have to52776oclock205657
drink1044041out in629451let us know189096some of the best52767ughh204771
bout1043274its all628230i feel so189028time to go to52689ashley204670
chance1038322what to627943you and your188865wait to see it52671sleepin203395
web1037550and we627851go to work188773you have to do52667yah203100
water1036318talk to627720i know right188605it all the time52647smokin202775
rain1033894think of626632to do that188222i have no clue52520drivin202362
three1033182a week626530and i just187955its all about the52374mmmmm202324
past1033034rest of626489i didnt even187935made it to the52367omgfacts202145
fans1032569to follow626434lets get it187632its time for a52348ew201837
re1031963got it626232out on the187621was the only one52259headin200425
save1029721cant believe623453ill be there187518this time of year52258bi199712
visit1027065dont like621663the power of187442that would be a52242ughhh199622
problem1026487love that621297whats up with187113will be able to52151burrito199552
street1023842talk about621180really need to186967once in a while52051hahahah199506
wtf1022745the weekend621019be at the186574a bit of a52045shoppin198758
walk1021837this time620834it should be186377the other side of51995tlk198053
dog1020179of that620748to do the186266do you think about51986hott197662
happen1016747into a619616i was going186229that sounds like a51850hbo197104
works1016154you just619218if you havent186100im the only one51740yessss197066
behind1011394and not619032going back to185798what happened to the51644wld196538
each1009969the big617313i the only185559im ready to go51509sippin196445
saying1007221and they616760check this video185146have a good one51497dvds196154
seeing1006789how you616016that is a184918i need a nap51488greg195996
become1005041for an615596will have to184831why is it so51441omfg195382
coffee1002340told me613405was in the184722be sure to check51422kardashian194554
whos1002146a man613317the u s184664and i will be51343owa194009
seems995391the word613041that i am184471did you see the51342formspring193996
lots994983me the612851for the rest184394the only thing that51331natalie193884
different994531to stop612034up with a184253where have you been51280craig193641
star993959up my611744welcome to the184244there are so many51229tyra193170
mad990318live in610710thanks so much184118there will be a51161juss192553
fight989363out this610556going to do184028am i supposed to51159lauren192295
totally988632just had610236i really need184025i know what you51155eli191947
west987976back from609750i still have184009i think its a51131inhighschool191513
health987309so im607473i cant even183964i havent been on51074gps191312
sound986872is one606797i really dont183943the first day of51031toooo191250
catch986727the hell606510how to use183898let us know what51001howd191064
cut983263a year606217so much fun183882up in the air50973keith190622
interview979303so good605975is going on183845to get up and50969dwn190514
couple978734should i605579were going to183834going to be on50870hashtag189749
means978122is no605432i know that183448do you have any50848indie189493
john977983but you604514but i love183236need to get out50739comcast189396
young974075with that603564for the new183065i was talking about50727bbc188801
kinda968164of us603441back to sleep183007end of the world50649yele188284
case963608whats the603068a year old182918going to the gym50608nevermind188222
christmas963251is like602239i love u182728not a good look50523thnx188219
lil955552i gotta602175a good idea182725i think i can50476photoshoot188134
short955156think its601439this video out182554feels good to be50349ohhhh187945
american954764well i601371wish me luck182165one of these days50333digg187292
takes954309no more600981dont think i182120why do i have50248vince187077
body953545on me600873ready for a181999but i dont want50137nyt186981
others952295have an599321would have been181963dont have to be50047vibe186811
front951828to meet596703if u dont181853on top of the49924bball186143
woman950667if they596419i thought you181767i think i want49856unfollowed185955
park949607back on595897i think that181668have no idea how49842fu185646
group949361made it594837not sure if181594you have a good49801maury185133
ones949275not be594066working on a181526have a good time49728talkn184721
air947374away from593118if i could181448what should i do49669bryant184052
number946519i agree592612to the next181250i dont like it49654gagas183970
light944833your own591971do the same181044at in the morning49532emmys183648
knew942194and all591602with all the180994i am trying to49488il183269
company937287know the590223know what to180967to get in the49429retweets183202
youll936567its time589982here we go180717but i have a49412danny183176
heres934890on our589278i have an180569will be at the49346daddys182767
kid934454my day588481spread the word180404you going to be49145iz182751
fire933726just finished588135when you get179853check it out and49051gettn181762
games933303thinking about588105im pretty sure179643i was just thinking49026benz181333
against932484are so587796the same way179213when i wake up49025pacquiao181173
couldnt932095you on587680bout to get179195i hope you have48982waldo180819
college931431call me587679a good night179175thanks for the mention48978gona180425
hello928489my mom587538there will be179050if you are in48907sux180282
posted928469would you586337up to the179039wanna go to the48853beverly180228
shot926237bout to585321i just wanna178769i was a kid48807hiv179639
radio925764the week584906wanna go to178749hope u feel better48751brittany179580
instead922103with this583806that was the178311one of my favorites48714retweetthisif179537
tried921019thats the583072some of my178262what happens when you48712foxx179289
hand920179give me581756have you seen178206dont even know what48709keri179168
order917256by a581418on how to178066i was at the48704cn178583
stupid914086you i581224i think my177951i was on the48694vids177742
won912925an hour580257no matter what177791in the words of48652nate177566
date912195where the580034to hear that177655a hell of a48649gots177528
living911726it just579945i dont feel177135i am about to48643nascar177452
holiday908387are not579488i love her176799i can go to48611diggin177238
eyes907410to tell579263sorry to hear176733why am i still48528oooo176947
single906250is there578332in the face176718i hope i dont48511jpg176376
pass906097have fun577791i hate that176714have a great time48469lik176240
sitting902820how are577627and i was176666i can do it48427goood175688
bar902163is what577476just got my176589to start the day48417nicole175185
gave900831a free575836of the new176579in the a m48410du175119
voice900535that one575770dont get it176542to make it to48408awwwww174995
article899430because i575125in new york176540im not sure if48319madd174583
bill898745to talk574834need to know176208was going to be48296eco174516
dream898229get out574417at least i175505thought it was a48292yooo174507
pics898058do u574202is better than175429i dont wanna be48247lmaoooo174431
able897094it but573709in the next175293i didnt know you48222blk174119
huge897068its like573280it makes me175247not sure if i47917como174110
self896439if the573228talk to me175187but i think i47896turnt173396
share895457when it573054i dont need175045smile on my face47849etsy173074
boys894150in it572736you guys are174976go back to the47796neil172888
obama894121dont forget572621me want to174927and i dont know47793gotcha172779
happened893937here in572356me on the174871i am so excited47762aug170467
halloween893605year old571622did you see174865to head to the47739wsj170105
ugh886595i went571333need a new174684i wish it was47704macys169817
picture884747i always571037you had a174626on the side of47694csi169346
feels884115love my570884i wont be174611i need to know47612eww168931
ppl883018get in570429dont know why174564know what that means47602thts168751
michael880765we all569840you are not174380you think you can47558je168724
sun879997had the569750is not the174281i dont wanna go47555lk168394
definitely879498good day569227is the new174077this is a good47524hungover168019
heading879193only one568439one of them173976i thought u were47440yessir167917
da877269you all568300one of these173724dont know why i47407ahhhhh166646
thursday877040find a567789side of the173626the back of the47399peyton166549
fine876636im at567718see you there173567you dont have a47396flocka166263
photo876499made me567298its all good173567getting ready for work47394wakin165432
shopping876433people are567106just have to173556blame it on the47356hannah165166
cuz875406see what566553best way to173462so i dont have47289henny164937
road875147being a566197i get home173448i think you should47215shld164937
fb872427all that565687you know how173251im so proud of47136ewww164935
wouldnt868679i hear565574a beautiful day173221all my new followers47134whatcha164672
write866340what it564614we will be173131u want me to47128xo164574
months866082my own564155to see a172982i just saw the47093stevie164447
sent864491supposed to564119that is the172958the rest of us46992pg164296
son864312she was562403i had the172552do you know what46900simpson163669
dance861832my friends561904it is the172398i dont like the46897lloyd162907
hold860055be at561694its all about172262i didnt want to46889nye162593
weird859780about a561460thats a good172089case you missed it46815travis162539
sucks856844know you561174made it to171976are a lot of46789lyin162345
forgot856247u can560946in the am171922i thought that was46773messin162287
loved856200man i560762i love how171894had a lot of46594craigslist162143
summer855468about that560710i was gonna171847i love this song46531soulja162002
quick854838to check560356on my phone171711is what it is46530nada161451
available854436are in560350in the studio171493in front of my46493dogg161397
wear853001people who559769the best way171396i know i was46487wendys161290
vote851967when they559660all i can171219i think i got46396badass161245
million851574i heard558328is like a170957know what you mean46304somethings160660
die850023no i557893way to get170941having a great day46286wearin160361
arent848186on his557766and a half170735and i want to46190lawd160210
record847427come out557142might have to170636i dont think its46183ch160146
hahaha847292when u556692every time i170575i think this is46173lolol159982
starts846529that would554125for the follow170463and i need to46087dawg159913
gift846440down to554064i was at170445a fan of the46065retweeted159751
success844707do a553894last time i170252for the ff love46048flo159499
breakfast843998they were553326at a time169955where can i get45990nintendo159353
okay843924then i552651that i can169947i just have to45988thicke159243
bet843380all over552334is that a169884not being able to45892doug159222
band842502you could552322a trending topic169477to get a new45882retweeting158745
sex841803before i552104soon as i169342had so much fun45823nas158300
thanksgiving841286the worst552012im tired of168897is a trending topic45813smiley158247
update840200get back551660you get a168731it has to be45779smdh157662
serious839714u know550574on the floor168659wait to get home45727buggin157576
text839641day in549976all of my168436what is wrong with45698katie157550
blue838766for free548605first time in168313sounds like a good45692marley157226
death838677is all548364i get it168187i need to take45687bangin156853
app837472at me548291to be at168187have a safe trip45630dork156829
art836953you see548198what did you168060thank you thank you45615noo156791
dm835921around the547943really want to167893i was supposed to45593thas156652
answer831769they dont547308i was on167692i wonder how many45593dems156514
understand831755in that546370have a lot167690for a few hours45583dre156470
hopefully828616its just546135happy new year167659on the other hand45580pjs156469
lose828206go back546038i am the167609to be back in45579floyd156405
movies827737for our545923going to go167446party in the usa45535sooooooo156153
st827276didnt know545748last night and167341be a good night45509oo155942
stand826971im sure545291as well as167076today is the day45488amanda155936
test826392has to544590to come to166599the only thing i45472ve155744
sale826214next time543571i can go166595see you at the45401kardashians155141
project826043with it543517have you ever166146i didnt know that45378voicemail155089
local823450a real543492im at the165969wake up in the45300blowin155089
needed823155get on543130take a nap165941here we go again45297azz154789
driving822383in love542285yes i am165850i cant help it45291tmrw154523
safe820631to try541470then off to165792where the hell is45222ure154513
youtube819588be able539988going to sleep165497a beautiful day in45180roy154411
worst818821great day539627ill have to165480i had to get45178iphones154335
ice818591my mind539558to talk about164913so i had to45167joel154242
yea818122u s539250i dont see164903i love my job45122bumpin154072
till817246the real539081take a look164606a glass of wine45120oc154069
marketing814370a chance538719not in the164592to see you there45111mee154002
missing814290day i538439to catch up164546wants to go to45095holdin153872
asked813912will have538101is it that164389know who you are45082hm153833
watched812640and more538096as good as164370got back from the45075htm153590
ride812054good for533904a few hours164294the best part of45074hoodie153561
kill810359next to533255out how to163854i just had to45070manny153551
mr809841the good532636this is not163804i know i am45021tracy153349
bitch809133dont even531964it was good163703good luck with that44985username153184
knows808992i knew530532where u at163571let you finish but44975lettin153106
important808735me out530419a great weekend163060you get a chance44949fran152920
bought806681you too530258i could be162942right in front of44770pitt152884
matter805632where i529522a part of162816i have the best44710muah152800
center805436think about529216in the rain162749in a couple of44692reuters152221
fail804455tonight at529020just wanted to162735a lot of work44681winston151971
public804291that im528852and im not162709not be able to44674fallin151859
message803616welcome to527739do i have162677to all my new44671weezy151648
tickets803472down the527350how i feel162573to my new followers44667oj151422
area803143i wont526248in the day162406need to make a44661ts151373
tour801540today and526092i got u162159cant wait to be44603singin151034
tuesday799529see how525729back on the161971what do you want44594sade150641
wit799222like you525635might as well161950i the only person44587imjustsayin150613
tho796851make the525487you need a161788you want to see44506twiggas150580
anymore792641in his524784you have the161650for a couple of44467foo150382
co791773say that523306out for the161610makes me feel like44378mlb150247
computer791571get me522555for a good161532reminds me of the44354dunkin150142
youve790667i missed522501a pair of161489word of the day44289kristen149469
wake790307me for521865makes me feel161266i dont have the44256rockstar149221
minute790295r u520174i know it161232just wanted to say44199tyson148974
box789662day to520079have to work161070im going back to44193pedi148243
thoughts789014the people520077heading to the160893im going to try44190ppls147950
bored788935hit the518410i just found160684have a good night44184tweetup147862
dear788437go out517874out of a160648i will not be44180norris147624
inside788423good night517660yes it is160590good morning to you44089woah147499
finish786685u have517370in the mood160539that i have to44075faves147476
writing785390the future516658in the back160033a great time at43978dumbass146971
chicken785039you go516130last night was160023thanks for the info43977corey146765
moment784870thats why516041that i dont159928have to get up43977gracias146666
tweeting784284work on515883was a great159799to pick up my43968chu146507
fact782928are going515655need to stop159794to do with it43963tdl145679
building782859is coming515603so i dont159774but i need to43867thnk145503
plans782858all about514711i wake up159689i go to the43857paypal145202
moving782434take it514648do you like159619sure to check out43852nuttin144882
shop782168on to514252a look at159593off the phone with43790throwin144874
low782140does it513643what you want159402to do the same43768mayb144718
ladies782011was so513494to see how159261tell me what you43766analytics144215
step781929to stay513376send me a159238in a few days43764needa143922
photos781419the movie512160thank you so159173believe it or not43747baddest143768
ny781187your life511955lol i know159110we are the world43493sorta143692
apple779030here i511913chance to win159089go back to bed43491ballin143653
woke778414after a511583forward to the159019know where i can43466li143575
hands778260a better511238the way i158893what does that mean43447yoo143394
wife776522was on511163we had a158868im going to sleep43400rss143083
fucking774479or not510434tell me what158851thought it would be43351api142991
songs770995those who509420i didnt have158721if you have to43266ncaa142816
alone770913so you508856in the past158613a lot of things43258nooooo142811
loves770478heading to508177its not a158561dont think i can43254nokia142776
details769637tired of507863i wanna be158464bout to hit the43248meh142769
clean769217full of507001to do something158451i dont know who43246effing142710
drop767788now that506131on to the158157going to take a43188mvp142526
official767044pick up505647i hate it158074in a few weeks43160nytimes142463
ways765935the city505505good to be157803not going to be43153brb142414
afternoon764099got me505440was the best157777the rest of your43067dennys142236
hurt763952take the505198what i do157644there are a lot43050otha142230
tips762798not even504800will be there157366hit me up on42872showin142134
san762584to look504753it to me157143in the parking lot42855nikki141546
brown762438most of504741i know u157131want to see the42842homegirl141355
plus761994its so504452is trying to157072think i have a42840dontjudgeme141079
chris761862hit me504017hope to see157021i love my life42812una140774
market759687one day503690on the ground157015thats what she said42788mutha140485
everybody759408where is503393get to the156973i was thinking the42776grrr139875
met759347has the501478are you a156835want to go back42767mani139855
search758204we got501196top of the156760it feels good to42758whoo139555
goin756865front of500247what am i156737day of the week42659ver139355
brother756008is gonna500209dont feel like156694to see if i42648meee139346
report755949and he500097im in a156443what is your favorite42608bestest139180
door754158a friend500079all of you156302is a good day42557wooo139049
hungry753706for more499597a bit of156247i know how to42548npr138925
dad753460to that499330thanks to all156191in the morning and42544ight138918
wearing751814miss you499314lets do it155563it has been a42480kush138879
figure750114so we499268i cant stand155556looking for a new42476liz138862
eye750038if we499012so much to155413i was able to42457heh138654
snow749329in our498798im so excited155319when i get to42449julie138366
south749176cant get498793thank you to155220know if i can42448alll138291
extra747273the past498057a pic of155141to get it in42413tebow138239
slow747136keep it497640but i will154881are you kidding me42371hmmmmm138123
speak746537how about497242but i still154811i would have to42356sb138086
style745405i found496578no matter how154802i dont know where42344amas137940
fresh743835through the496576in your life154761i dont need to42339openwebawards137897
straight741700is getting495644what the fuck154651martin luther king jr42334usb137839
thru739980one more495552gonna have to154538i love you and42278uggs137710
card739959when we495143lol i was154330you had a great42268tumblr137232
york738415did it494710what i want154306on the east coast42267ringtone137229
system737590last week494643i can make154252u dont have to42254derek137014
account736524what happened494450for the time154049want to know what42244trynna136975
ideas735324see if494197of all the153924on the road to42174das136947
review735200get up494016they need to153875going to try to42155su136832
latest734764did u493944in a long153815i just realized that42153demi136639
truth734224after the493808how r u153676will be on the42147dl136556
played734028we were493735to get me153551a friend of mine42146nuff136453
near733839is up493714on the new153456do me a favor42110friggin136006
rather733810and your493691i know the153453is the last day42077ikea135916
fat733471i forgot493073i dont understand153413what did you think42061hola135881
moon732641of these492464i will not153101before i go to42050kay135689
exactly732228where you492145in case you153053now i need to42042assholes135515
track732110blog post492083in a good152979what are you up41996dia135436
suck729641have some491014up on my152948rest of the week41956letsbehonest135298
shirt728159about this490245to get ready152925i cant believe im41952kyle135273
america726715just like489955just saw the152633thanks to all who41939gabba135234
act724950if its488272in the club152549thanks for the retweet41937sista135209
daily724944in front487518i know how152538but i dont have41937thr135204
wonderful724800in on486108and i think152477im about to get41779shaq135114
kick724374me that485812the back of152322thank you for all41772ik134982
loving723561me lol484712want you to152290did you get my41768ba134549
quite722950be back484313be one of152091might be able to41743definately134163
questions721608it has484181first day of151808what do u think41695hcr133999
country721480wont be483966me too i151708has to be the41647dobbs133477
cover721431and have483859i look like151677ill check it out41642cardio133273
spot720922not in483049i just realized151518first time in a41641ali133245
experience720529i made482393get in the151397is not a good41640ciroc133007
calling720091that a481901did u get151385i had to do41538kc132874
shoot719944how is481758if you like151329if i have to41534yung132835
along719826the office481564why do you151251love of my life41492ridin132558
spend718618to our481555the top of150882from pm to pm41478babys132375
todays717221my house481275you know the150870is it bad that41459homepage132340
series716927we do480881to the new150805if it wasnt for41442hilson132181
traffic716358shout out480482i told you150579what i can do41439droppin131949
nyc715238than the480279a youtube video150385out to all the41387realtalk131314
king714608follow me479135i was the150242why am i up41386shoutouts131057
forever714561my twitter478961i gotta get150209are you coming to41343rico130803
jay713558of his478353i think ill150114you want to do41334nw130743
leaving713067thank god478201today is the150051to go on a41333ja130719
dr712086chance to478201and i got149808will let you know41260mlk130573
beer709824a fan478064in the last149699sorry to hear about41259payin130307
beach709518we dont477905how can i149678to keep up with41254cosby130038
lucky709325high school477335i can say149529to talk to you41253cuzzo129930
history709164what u477325if it was149455dont get me wrong41245lb129795
hilarious708102know it476788to do this149441in the way of41226bam129736
touch707031can make476429in the office149360its a good thing41226pdf129713
network706879i told476096i did not149278is on the way41153nig129705
sat706872how the475701i might have149251i love that movie41147twitterverse129694
random705293what im475463out of it148757been a long time41140shannon129517
kanye704108getting a474813to make the148606me know how it41135havnt129433
sexy703839up i474660thanks for all148484to be the best41130cameron129364
type702392since i474171to tell me148464was the last time41080tmobile129260
happens702369me some474112does that mean147725was thinking the same41059ebook129127
personal700824with all473704get to see147689now its time for41051paula128887
til699878do this473363of course i147563would be a good41023twitterville128667
paper699582go on473000go to a147485check it out here41022heyy128247
secret698941a lil471692time for the147434do not want to40952tvs127954
headed696285is about471600is it just147374need to get some40943gordon127854
looked694875thought i471559for the love147263whats up with that40937esta127828
calls694505send me471534im gonna be147136go to the movies40853dancin127776
huh694504i bet471308get it in147122let us know if40823wks127688
nap693831it lol470735to go on147049the last day of40822teamblackberry127668
ball690772that we470253its hard to147018it is going to40764rofl127629
folks690506or a470075i want my147015go check it out40759costco127452
shut690361dont be470017are in the146787if i want to40733childs127115
pain689543there was469760will not be146634happy birthday to the40731tn126991
hang688918looking at469450and now i146598you might want to40676ou126758
program688704help me468603but i got146597brought to you by40663lotta126622
laugh687006would love468365day of the146414on the back of40634yur126578
proud686280starting to468156has been a146398so i can see40625yesssss126573
possible684498get ready467769if you cant146353a good way to40625goodnite126532
release684219the truth467744to do some146304whats going on with40570uhh126516
drinking683841to read467265to have to146297wish you were here40550sm126491
final682477the road467236have to wait146210to get back on40532jeremy126478
download682161im getting467101cant wait till146207i guess i should40531bo126085
episode681604long time466928going to make146195me know when you40531sucka126063
whatever681433than a466827he is a146176a waste of time40525ooooh126020
gettin677934he has466783it was so146142been a long day40355ar126005
brand677897so excited465607to get your146084whats going on in40334motorola125884
major677002is really465259headed to the146082all i know is40326atm125763
sense676827nice to465196is having a145975i cant wait til40275uhhh125678
energy676053tried to464648at the moment145946i just got my40223waka125592
action674337if he464240will be at145838theres a lot of40222thatd125366
paid674073come back463954i swear i145828when i get off40195aol125323
pizza674070i look463580myself to the145824get ready for work40148lata125180
pm673679need some463493but i do145807the bottom of the40133jayz125010
church672732on her462540u have to145707are you looking for40121zune124925
videos671624but they462334is why i145682to be in a40110fr124915
yours671120got some462210i could have145615need to know about40038roi124755
stuck670853my hair462100to meet you145585i had a good40034indy123828
dark670469of people462080in order to145567i dont even have40031heidi123610
drunk670349figure out461986i tried to145531a couple of days40028fucker123543
mark668999now its461393need to find145491going to see the40027sanchez123455
due668320you love461182need to make145336want it to be40023gators123269
national667621a job461137good to see145219say it aint so39947emo123254
space667233in an460805feel free to145105an hour and a39943bestfriend123108
roll666925im sorry460207for me i145093i can feel it39938frontin122918
strong666813will get460175i see u145061should be a good39937eachother122616
shower666466day and460090it but i145001know how it is39935bmw122486
retweet665761a girl459827to be an144983to be at the39842yoooo122361
version665186who are459605but i just144833be able to get39816barry122333
especially664336in and459514just got the144829it looks like a39808forbes122265
wine663711to leave459281i might be144813did u get my39744ke121933
design663501me if459070so you can144718i have a headache39736lastnight121916
attention661983it when458579think about it144699i hate when ppl39691het121912
de660854the phone458125listen to the144642i cant wait until39665bentley121901
trust660842too many457794to take the144384to everyone who came39647tryn121783
poor660623i swear457190i got you144294said the same thing39630mann121739
bday660012feel better456102up for a144231have a blessed day39540msnbc121666
gives658470not that455888nothing to do144076to hear from you39540hv121514
throw658112tell you455860i miss u143990end of the month39530shakin121445
enjoying658090my heart455662id love to143949what i want to39515reid121413
dreams656459we had455274i cant find143813going back to sleep39479mah121374
seem656200u get455094i think they143786want you to know39451tina121180
mac654034but we454682i will have143538you and your family39442djing121178
wednesday653412ok i454670i wonder what143338i thought it would39411depp121092
key653328a huge454527added myself to143317and i dont even39409becky121016
wondering652999wonder if454473i get my143250to do with the39403everythings120910
parents652853will not454379i cant sleep142999hope everyone had a39330webcast120890
sell651655check this454305i have my142926the hell am i39318hiphop120827
control650976think you454149all is well142771i was in a39318goooo120686
round650952get off453643the best thing142678you just have to39313farmville120602
longer650730glad to453533you go to142607i love this movie39265wikipedia120506
ahead650658let the453077trying to make142509are you up to39258med120316
five650345know about452805a new one142496have to do is39256toni120243
concert648929does not452713to come out142378if you need a39234mtg120144
books647303a movie452109not sure what142312from time to time39231svu120139
bro646760to call451584hope you have142222if i was a39230panera120085
broke646264see a451471just added myself142210out of the way39210eu120066
putting645401out a451373be the best142206i just got the39207hehehe120053
shoes643906a beautiful450827who you are142182feel the need to39200amitheonlyone119997
piece642842it looks450665was supposed to142143to call it a39183hahahahahaha119869
peace642631which is450616i live in142050on my day off39174mcqueen119645
added642343why are449383just told me142016want to go home39171ud119627
officially641112go home449359so i guess142001having a good day39145dyin119433
bag640926home from449060what is it141573i dont understand why39131brees119419
child640154that will448872it is not141546out of my head39123pb118835
evening640141now on448715on the other141528i just realized i39120pattinson118799
view639622i used448704think i have141462this is not a39116applebees118775
gay638964in one448646im not going140979did a great job39112hov118617
click638476when im448334in the us140912com check it out39057au118613
mother636293that shit448007i try to140871are you trying to39033julia118539
interested636069the fuck447938but i was140860see what i can39014lupe118514
sister634148to hit447732to go see140857i didnt get to39009grindin118472
appreciate633707it now447165to make me140698is a lot of39002homeboy118185
sit633186i wanted446982it was great140518it is what it38944gi118165
chocolate631625to think446931they have a140430a part of the38940idc118117
walking630580to live446324me if you140378cant wait to watch38936pero117648
fly630425me at445723im not even140350cant get enough of38925iq117567
lead630419and that445395to make sure140237i am in the38917wr117555
cheese629585what they445341and have a140213in love with the38905selena117465
pop629343you would445333out the new140181dont wanna go to38859ra117432
channel629077im glad444992you are in140175really dont want to38845gnite117417
study628946get that444745to be back140166prayers go out to38828costa117342
changed628886if your443830see if i140152thats a good thing38806marvin117111
smart628511im the443802i wonder how140134a few weeks ago38793deff117070
jackson627864as much443517to get off139972us know what you38748kat116999
middle627860you had443422have a new139966to be at work38748simpsons116915
hoping627847it so443191for the last139954do u have a38733marcus116853
caught626694we should442578was on the139935after a long day38721kurt116697
sooo625579about you442424what should i139800good to be back38709margarita116691
sales625178you the442266be back in139680is a good thing38705poo116654
smh624764can see441968day in the139558and i dont have38700vp116590
btw624512a whole441848or is it139539wtf is going on38648cotto116329
shout624021you at441779in the first139497have a wonderful day38647gooood116215
law623985work for441365you are so139444getting ready to watch38641forreal115933
simple623794time in441257get on the139373i have a few38612rio115928
david623754out here441246is my favorite139262thanks for the tip38609een115879
turned622872we just440472for a bit139229a whole lot of38608bella115674
smile622527have it440354in the game139162cant wait for this38604vaca115658
dj622429like im439786on my mind139113rain rain go away38526pimpin115650
classic621572on tv439771i hope it139100what would you do38521meeee115602
anyway621483my car439115will you be138990what do i do38507melrose115590
boo621260you ever438918a piece of138742the way to go38504gooo115556
age621109headed to438684got home from138625is supposed to be38497happend115442
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